Dooley & Saint sponsors ‘New Player of the Year’ Priz for this coming season!

Dooley & Saint sponsors ‘New Player of the Year’ Priz for this coming season!

By Old Wheatleyans
3 October 2018
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New developer has selected forward powerhouse to represent new developer for the season!

James Przybek, ex- Royal Marine Commando and owner of Wildcard Gym has been chosen by local housing developers to represent the club for this coming season. The popular player has secured the services of Dooley & Saint and therefor will enjoy the benefits of no match fees and some free stash.

Dooley and Saint is a Warwickshire based sales, asset management and building company providing a niche high quality service to clients.

Vice Chairman Ben Craig (Partner of Dooley & Saint) said "When the initiative to sponsor players was launched we were very keen to sponsor someone who shared similar passions and outlook on life to us. Priz has an incredibly impressive work ethic both on the pitch, where he works tirelessly for the full 80 minutes, but also in his work life where he has grown Wildcard from nothing into Coventry's leading S&C venue. Our shared love for weightlifting and heavy metal only make the pairing better! Good luck for the season Priz. Looking forward to taking the field with you!".

James Przybek Profile:
Age: 33
Height: 6ft 2in
Favourite team: Old Wheats (obvs!)
Favourite team mate: Ben Craig
Worst team mate: Cheeks (when he decides to pull a shirt on he gets injured)
Rugby highlight: Being welcomed back into rugby by the WHEATS after 6yrs break from the sport

Priz said "I would like to thank Dooley and Saint for the sponsorship this season, it means a lot coming from someone I respect. The backing is much appreciated and I look forward to a successful upcoming season for the Wheats".

If anybody else would like to be added to our Sponsorship programme then please get in touch with the club. A letter is attached below listing the benefits.

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